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Summer question: “To Camp, or Not to Camp”

Drop-off, work, pick-up, dinner, drop-off, band practice, softball, pick-up another one… Wait… where’s your sister? The mental image of a parent’s schedule: phew! We’re sure you’re just as ready for the summer as your kids are, but what are your thoughts on sending them away or keeping them close to...

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Parents & Independence Day: What you need to know

Whether you believe Independence Day is best spent at a BBQ, picnic or a fireworks spectacular; take a second to check out your surroundings. It’s always important for adults to model safe and responsible behavior – especially about alcohol – to your kids. Take this holiday as an opportunity to...

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It starts with “Hello”

Finding the best way to begin a conversation about alcohol with your kids isn’t always easy. For parents and kids alike, it can be awkward. Or scary. Or something that can easily be pushed to tomorrow. But like any other discussion, this one can start with a simple “hi”, “hello”...

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A lending hands was given to players in need, hands were shook to say “good game” and the spirit of DC SCORES was seen in the positive attitudes of every player. The 19th annual DC SCORES Jamboree was a huge success this past Saturday and we were so thrilled to be a part of...

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Parents: Girls talk, so you should, too.

Middle school is rough. Whether you have boys, girls or even the most saintly of kids – we’re sure at some point during their middle-school years, you got the eye-roll. Haley Kilpatrick is the founder of Girl Talk, an international non-profit peer-to-peer mentoring program focused on helping young teenaged girls build self-esteem,...

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Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Daryl Forte

This week is National Teacher Appreciation week. At the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility we know how valuable teachers are to our nation’s youth. Not only do they provide them with the tools to succeed in life, but they also encourage and empower them to say YES to a healthy...

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