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The Teachers Have Spoken!

As we announced back in March, for the third year running, we collaborated with our friends at Scholastic to bring the Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix to students across the nation. 30,000 5th-7th grade health teachers nationwide, have received these materials designed to help them jumpstart these important conversations with students...

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An Alchohol Awareness Month message from Aly Raisman

Hi guys!!  I’m about to quickstep my way to Washington DC and then foxtrot up to Capitol Hill with The Century Council in celebration of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, tomorrow, April 25th! Earlier in the year, I joined up with The Century Council and their Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t...

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An Alcohol Awareness Month Blog from Scholastic

What do 30,000 Health teachers and Aly Raisman have in common? They are all encouraging our Nation’s youth to say “Yes, to a healthy lifestyle and No to Underage Drinking!” For the third consecutive year, we are working together with Scholastic to bring the Ask Listen Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program...

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Superstar update from George Allen

The Redskins have been in the news a lot during the off-season. RGIII’s injury, new players, salary cap drama…While I’m not on the field every week, I’m still keeping up with day-to-day updates while doing my best to stay ahead in school and sports. I actually now feel like a...

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Donna Moore: Ask, Listen, Learn in the Classroom

“This isn’t what P.E. was like when I was in school!”  As a 31 year Physical Education Specialist veteran, I hear this statement from many adults observing my class. Physical Education has evolved as kids have changed. Exer-gaming is an innovative, exciting addition to my curriculum at Julia Randall Elementary...

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How to Help Kids Deal with Peer Pressure

As an Elementary Counselor who works with children in grades k-4, one of my key roles is to give parents the tools they’ll need to help their children build strong foundations from which they can make healthy and safe choices that will positively impact their lives.  With early teens being...

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Superstar Teagan Stedman’s Shredfest 2013 report

As soon as I walked in the doors at The House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, loading in the first of the two Marshall JVM halfstack guitar amps, I knew today was going to be a great day and immediately felt a surge of excitement.  Today the organization...

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Thank you AG Strange and Capitol Height Middle!

Today Ask, Listen, Learn experienced southern hospitality firsthand at Capitol Heights Middles School in Montgomery, Alabama with Attorney General Luther Strange. When we say we we’re taking on Alcohol Awareness Month in a BIG way—it’s not only because we’re visiting schools all across the country teaching kids to say “No”...

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App Update!

Hey there, Team! You all know how great the ALL Interactive Game is, right!? We think it’s awesome and happy to have shared it with so many of you across the country. Not to share too much, but we have been working on very cool things that will be able...

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